In India, the yoga tradition is being pushed to its limits. 

The Ramana Ashram has been converted into a warehouse, and has plans to make it a yoga center and a hotel in the near future. 

Ramana Ashrams have a history of converting warehouses and other industrial buildings to accommodate yoga. 

“We have been converting warehouses for some time and have plans to expand this practice to other buildings,” said Rajiv Shukla, director of Ramana Ramanayana Ashrama. 

He said the facility would be used for yoga and meditation sessions. 

According to the Guinness World Records, Ramana ashrams have been converted to a yoga and spiritual center since 1960. 

Since then, thousands of people have joined the community, said Shukala. 

His facility will be in a renovated warehouse in the south Indian city of Navi Mumbai. 

Shukla said the warehouse is in need of renovation. 

In April, Ramona Ashram opened its first yoga facility in the city of Jaipur, which has about 300,000 people. 

This is the first time the ashram has opened its facilities to the public. 

On Thursday, the ashrams announced plans to renovate the facility. 

It said in an email that the facility is being renovated with the aim of becoming a yoga facility and hotel. 

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