A woman in a Delhi suburb who allegedly hanged herself with a scarf wrapped around her neck after suffering from depression and mental illness has been identified as a woman with autism who allegedly killed herself after a relationship breakdown, police said on Monday.

The body of the unnamed woman was found by her husband, who called the police to report her suicide, the police said.

The man’s wife told the police that she did not want to get involved in the case, police officer Rajesh Sharma told AFP news agency.

The death of the woman was under investigation, Sharma said.

Her husband’s suicide was not confirmed, Sharma added.

Police said the woman had recently split from her husband and had been struggling with depression, according to AFP.

A police source told AFP that the woman, who was a resident of Sanya, a city in the north-west of the city, had recently broken up with her husband.

“She was living in the same apartment as her husband for a while,” the source said.

“They were both depressed and had no relationship.”

The source said the couple had a daughter, but the girl was not aware of the relationship.

“The mother is the one who decided to kill herself,” he said.

“We have no idea why she decided to take her own life.”

Sharma said the man had been hospitalized in hospital for depression and suicidal thoughts after a breakdown with his wife.

He was rushed to a hospital for treatment but later died there, he added.

The case of suicide is one of several reported to the police in Delhi in recent months, with more than 60 such deaths reported to police between November and February, police data showed.

The city is home to a large number of people with autism, a mental illness that affects about 20 percent of the population, and often leads to physical or mental problems.