A couple of years ago, I was at my husband’s house, in the suburbs of Chennai.

As we talked, I thought about the church in my city, the one that I grew up in, and the one he went to high school with.

I was thinking, Why would a man who had spent a decade of his life in a small village, a place where he knew the language and traditions and traditions of the people of his religion, be a member of a church that is in the process of becoming a mega-church?

Why would he be allowed to attend the services of such a congregation, the largest in the city?

I asked myself, why?

Why do people want to see and worship such a thing?

I knew it was a problem that needed to be addressed.

I also knew that it was something I could not help.

I had a lot of conversations with friends and colleagues.

And, finally, I decided to leave my family home in Kerala, where I was educated and married, and move to New York, where my wife and I had settled and where I had started my career.

But I was a reluctant convert.

I still thought the churches of Kerala were a bit weird, and that there was too much pressure on them to have a good atmosphere.

And yet, they were also very welcoming.

I felt they were a good fit for the city.

So, I joined them in New York.

And then, it happened.

I started to feel a bit like a Christian after that. 

In the last couple of months, I’ve felt very lonely.

I’m not used to feeling like this.

And the feeling of loneliness and alienation I was feeling after leaving my family was very difficult to bear.

So I decided that it would be better for me to find some community that I could go to, a congregation where I could feel comfortable.

I wanted to find a place I could belong, a community that would accept me as a person.

I began to look for a church, and, for a long time, I tried all kinds of churches.

I tried to go to church services, to attend church services.

But none of them felt comfortable.

At the end, I realised that I needed a new church.

So that was when I started looking at Christian congregations in the United States, and New Zealand.

I went to the Anglican Church of England, and I tried one there.

Then I tried a Christian congregation in England, called the Anglicare.

I saw that they were very welcoming, but they were not interested in me.

I told them that I wanted an experience.

I needed an experience of something that I didn’t know I wanted.

So the idea for a Christian church came to me.

And that’s how I joined the Church of Christ in Christ.

I am very proud of what I’ve achieved, but I know it took a lot for me.

When I was about 20 years old, I had an epiphany, and after I had had that epiphany I became a Christian.

My life changed forever.

I found a new way of living my life, a way of relating to the world and the universe that was different from the way I had lived before. 

I realised that the only way I would ever be happy in this world was to find peace and quiet.

I realized that it’s not about how you look; it’s about how your heart feels.

When you look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself in a way that is not destructive, that is beautiful, that’s authentic, that you can share your heart, that that is the only one you can love. 

It is not a question of looking good, looking good in the eyes of others, but of living your life in the way that you know God would have you live it.

And you will see how God will look at you and how God’s love will manifest itself in the actions of others. 

For me, the life of the Christian is about living my true life and serving the Lord.

In fact, I have had some amazing experiences in my Christian life.

One of the most interesting is the ministry of Christ and His followers, which is the church I now lead.

I lead a ministry that teaches the Lord’s Word to young people.

And we have seen how they are willing to do whatever is necessary to help those around them to grow in love, trust, faith and respect for their fellow human beings.

I have seen that these people have the same aspirations as those of us in the church.

We have to help them to find their place in this life and in this time.

So our job is to be a source of inspiration and encouragement, and to bring those young people out of their comfort zones. 

Our ministry also works to spread God’s Word, because our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, to show people how Jesus is the way