VIVEKANANDANANASAURBHANNA SIDDHGURI ADHERE’S ANTI-MILITARY VIVA MAJESTY: A young Indian woman with no family in the city of Vigyan Bhawan was a target for the Taliban, a senior police official says.

The 19-year-old girl, who is currently in custody at a hospital, has been accused of having committed a terrorist act by killing two men and injuring two others in the upscale suburb of Kolkata.

The killing of her parents, husband and brother is a direct result of her alleged role in a string of violent attacks against Muslims, police officials say.

Police arrested the girl last month after a tip-off from the Hindu nationalist outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

The police said the girl confessed to the killings after being threatened.

The girl was taken into custody on Monday, and is being questioned at a police station in the northern city of Gwalior.

The suspect, identified as Abdul Qadir, a local resident, was arrested on Tuesday after a court in the southern city of Dadar refused to release him on bail.

According to the Mumbai Police, the suspected bomber, who had been living in Vigyana in the past two years, was also in touch with the Lashkar group.

“The two men were targeted because they were Hindu converts,” a police official said.

“It was also a reaction to the murder of a Muslim student in Gujarat in 2012.”

The Hindu nationalist organisation has a presence in Mumbai and other Indian cities, but its members have been on the run for a number of years.

In January, Indian police said they had foiled a plot to carry out a bomb attack in Vilepara in the south of the city, a district where the BJP and the RSS are strong supporters.

A day later, another bomb was discovered in a shop in Villepinte, an affluent neighbourhood of Mumbai.

Earlier this month, police arrested an Indian-born Pakistani man who had travelled to Afghanistan to fight for the terror group.

He was arrested in Afghanistan and extradited to India.

The Hindustan Times newspaper said he had been accused by police of planning a series of terrorist attacks on Hindu temples in Mumbai.