In the wake of the devastating Nepal earthquake, the popular ashram of the Bhopal ashram was demolished and rebuilt.

But as the ashram grew, it became a center of Buddhism.

Here are five reasons why.


The ashram is in a residential area of Kathmandu The ashrams of the Bodh Gaya, the Ashrams of Kashi, and the Bodhi tree are all located in the densely populated city of Kathapur.

While some have claimed that the location is because of the Ashraksha Temple in Kashi that was destroyed during the Nepal earthquake of 2009, many have found the ashrams in the city to be the best places to study Buddhism.


The Ashram has a large population and a strong community spirit In Kathmandus most ashrams have a large congregation of people, with around 500,000 people living in the area.

That makes the ashrama the largest of its kind in India.

And that is where the community spirit shines through.

The community spirit is a strong one.

The atmosphere is friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming.

The people of the ashraksharma also help the community by providing basic necessities like water, food, and shelter.


The site of the temple was also the location of a great temple  In the past, the temple that was demolished at the time was called the Mahavikaram.

However, the name of the building is being changed to the Asharam.

The new name was chosen because the old name was too difficult to pronounce, and so the new name is a nod to the Sanskrit word for “place of the holy.”


The history of the Temple is fascinating The history behind the temple is also very rich and complex.

There are many accounts of the history of ashrams, temples, and religious structures in Kathmanduz.


It’s a place of great spiritual growth, study, and spiritual development In the history books, the ashrathas of the past have been the center of learning about Buddhism.

But for many, the site is also a place to study, study study, studying.

This is because the site of Buddhism in Nepal has always been the spiritual center of the country.

In recent years, a lot of the temples have been rebuilt and are now places of great study, learning, and development.

And the Ashras have a very active community, and that makes the Ashrathams a great place for study and spiritual growth.

How to visit the ashrarathas in Nepal?

There are several ways to visit some of the top Ashram sites in Nepal.

If you want to visit one of the sites, the best place to do it is at the entrance of the nearby hotel, Ashram Inn.

The entrance of Ashram Indore and Ashram Nalgonda are in the same neighborhood.

The other entrance of these two is the ashralika ashram at Bhojapur in Kathapura.

You can also visit some other Ashram locations like Ashram Prakram, the Narmada Ashram, and many others. 

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