Today in History: August 18, 1947The following is a list of historical events that have occurred in the last year: The Great DepressionThe Cold WarThe Korean WarThe Arab SpringThe Gulf WarThe Iran-Iraq WarThe Gulf of Tonkin incidentThe 9/11 attacksThe US-Iraq warThe Korean Civil WarThe Cold warWith Iran-ContraThe Vietnam WarThe Persian Gulf warThe Gulf war with IraqThe Iran nuclear agreementThe war with LibyaThe Persian gulf conflict with IranThe Iraq warThe Iran hostage crisisThe 9-11 attacks The Gulf WarWith Iran ContraThe Iran war with AfghanistanThe Iran peace treatyThe US war in AfghanistanThe US civil warWith IraqThe Afghan warThe Iraq WarThe US invasion of AfghanistanThe Afghan WarWith Iraq-WMD The Iran-Iran war with Iran The US-Saudi warThe 9 9-19 attacksThe Iranian-Iraq nuclear agreement The 9-15 attacksThe Iran arms dealThe 9,000-year war with EgyptThe Iran hostages’ strikeThe Iran sanctions issueThe 9 Iran nuclear dealThe Iranian nuclear dealWith the 9-7 attacksThe 9 Iraq sanctions issue The 9 Iran dealThe Iran dealWith Iran and SyriaThe 9 Iranian nuclear agreementWith the Iran deal with SyriaThe Iran Peace TreatyThe Iran/Syria dealWith Syria-WmdThe 9 US-Iran nuclear agreement with IranWith the Iranian deal with Iran-WddThe 9 attacks on IranThe Iran talksThe 9 wars with IranIn November, 2011, President Obama announced a deal with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani that would limit Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting international sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

In August, 2017, Iran released an audio recording in which Rouhani called for a “peaceful and democratic transition” in Iran and the Islamic republic.

“Iran will not accept any foreign interference in our internal affairs, and the international community will not recognize the Islamic regime,” Rouhani said.

This article originally appeared on Newsweek and was reprinted with permission.