A man who was shot dead by a bullet from a stray gun in Nagaur has spoken of the world’s “desperation” at the lack of a clean election result in the state.

Ajit Singh Chaurasia, a 26-year-old resident of Kailash Nagar in Nagapattinam district, was shot by a gun shot on Monday night.

He was rushed to a hospital in Pune, where he died from his wounds.

Chaurasia was working as a security guard in a bar in the area when the incident took place.

He said that he was working alone in the bar when a man approached him and asked for directions.

He did not say how the gun was fired or what he was doing there.

Chouarasia said that as he was leaving the bar, a man came to him and pointed the gun at him and said, “You are a policeman and you should not touch me.”

The man then pointed the weapon at Chaurasis head and said “I am an outsider and I do not know how to handle a gun.”

Chauras family members were initially shocked at the suddenness of the incident.

They had been living in the neighborhood for more than three years and did not know any such incident.

“The man had threatened me and I told him I was not going to give any information to anybody,” Chauras brother Kirit Chaukar told TOI.

“When I got to the police station, the officer asked if I was the one who shot him and I said I am the victim of a stray shot.

The officer said, ‘No, I am just taking his statement,'” Chaukar said.

Chaukar said that after the incident, he had been approached by the police and was not given any further details about the incident either.

He also said that the officer who shot the man, had threatened him, saying, “I will do anything to get you back to Nagpur.

I will kill you if I get your phone number.”