An Ashram in the Punjab is often associated with religious purity and devotion.

It is often referred to as the Maharsh Bharat in Hindi.

It has become an important part of India’s social fabric and a hub of learning and spiritual practice.

This is despite its low profile.

But in a new documentary, The Ashram, Ashram’s founder and former spiritual leader, Pankaj Singh, reveals the truth about the place.

In the documentary, Ashrama Bharti in New Delhi is portrayed as a place where students of the prestigious Bhartiya Samaj Hindu University (BSHU) are trained in meditation and religious learning.

Pankaja Singh, who is also known as the spiritual guru of the ashram, told NDTV that it is a place that is very much rooted in Hinduism and it is in the Ashram that students learn the basics of Hinduism, including mantras, yoga and meditation.

The Ashrama, which is located at a remote part of the Punjab, is an important spiritual centre for students of BSHU.

“It is the birthplace of Ashram Bhartiyar, the founder of Ashrama,” Pankajo Singh told NDtv.

Pashupati Ashram is a modern Ashram built in 1956 at the foot of Mount Ganges in the city of Chitral.

It became a symbol of Hindu culture and the spiritual path of the Ashrams founder.

Ashram Pashipati was founded by the founder’s son Pankaji Singh, a retired general.

The name of the building comes from the Sanskrit words pashupata and padatapati.

It was the largest ashram in India at the time.

Panchal Ashram was founded in 1955.

It opened in 1962 and has been used by Ashram devotees since then.

Pansar Ashram has been open since 1973 and is one of the oldest ashrams in the country.

It had about 2,000 students at the start of the modern era.

Pritish Ashram which is in Jammu and Kashmir, was opened in 1978.

It also has 2,500 students.

Pachiram Ashram on the other hand, is a popular ashram that was founded as an ashram for the upper caste of the upper class in the 1990s.

Its students come from the upper castes and are well-educated.

“Pachirams students come here from all over the world,” Pashudh Bhartik, director of BSCI (Bhartiya Sathya Sai Sansthan) told ND TV.

Ashrams have been a source of inspiration for Pashuvars spiritual lineage.

In his famous song, Panchayats, Ram Mohan Lokesh has sung about his lineage, which includes Ashram as well as the Ramakrishna ashram.

He also speaks about the lineage of Mahabharata.

The songs are an inspiration for the students to follow his teachings and practise their own lineage, Pashuks family said.

The Pashuris family said they have taken a hard line with the authorities to protect the Asharam and have kept a tight watch on the school, but have been able to keep its doors open.

“The police have not stopped us from opening our doors to the students.

But we are still not allowing the students into the Asham.

We have also asked them to not come in and take photographs and videos,” the Pashukis said.

It comes as the National Capital Region Police (NCRP) has warned people against visiting Pashirams Ashram and said that there is no place in the state for students from the BSHWU.

The NCP said the school has been declared a public place under the Prevention of Violence and Disruption Act.

The National Commission for Minorities (NCMP) has also issued a directive to prohibit any kind of religious activities or gatherings at the ashrams premises.

“This is a religious school, so any activities that involve any religious activities would be forbidden,” NCMP commissioner of police Dhananjay Kumar said.

NDTV spoke to a lawyer who is a trustee of Pashunams ashram who said he has been asking the police to investigate whether Pashuhas activities were being directed from inside the ashrama.

Puneashas lawyer said that he has also been asking them to look into the claims of the student members and whether the school had anything to do with the recent riots in Gujarat.

ND TV asked Pashulam about the latest development and the reaction from the authorities.

“We are waiting for the NCMP to take a call and we will be sure to comment on the matter,” he said.

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