VALLABH ashram, the holy site in the heart of Gujarat that houses the world’s largest Hindu temple, is set to be converted into a Muslim mosque.

According to a report by CNN-IBN, the Muslim religious group has agreed to build the mosque, but the land will be given to Hindu residents of VALLA, a town in the state of Gujarat.

This move comes as the Ram temple in Gujarat is set for a major renovation this year, which is expected to cost around Rs. 50 crore.

It is also said that the religious organisation is now ready to accept a new temple for Hindus in the same area, where the Ram has been for over three millennia.

The mosque will be built on land that was once part of Vallabha Ashram, which was a holy site for Hindus from around 1,300 years ago to the present day.

In 2002, when the Hindu majority government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in power, the temple was converted into the Ram Mandir, which became a mosque.

The temple and the mosque are believed to be the most sacred places in the country.

In recent years, there have been protests in the holy land, especially when the temple is vandalised.

The VALLAHIMASADAPRAH temple, situated in Gujarat’s Gujarat state capital of Gandhinagar, is situated on the ancient site of VALSH, a holy place for Hindus.

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VALLAGHAR SHIKHAR (Hindu residents of the area, including a few elderly, live in the area where the mosque will now be built).

We want a mosque on the land of our people and a Ram Mandira on the site of the temple.

We have asked the state government to consider giving us land in VAL SHIKHABAR to build our temple, said an elderly resident of Valla village, Valla, who is part of the protest. 

The mosque is expected be built in a few months.

Valla is one of the main villages of the Valla district.

It lies in the western part of Gujarat and has a population of about 8,000.