The new king will be the first Hindu king, and will be a Hindu leader, but the current Hindu king will retain his Hindu caste name.

The new Hindu king is a Hindu man, but it will not be a Buddhist king.

The Hindu king has no caste, and therefore, has no titles.

The Indian king is not a Hindu king.

India has never had a Hindu monarch.

The new Hindu queen is a non-Hindu woman, and is the new Hindu woman.

The next Hindu king in line will be non-hindu, and she will be an Indian woman, but she will not have any caste.

India is not an Indian monarchy.

In the next few years, there will be several more Hindu queens, and many more Hindu men.

The current Hindu queen will be one of these new Hindu queens.

The queen is not Hindu.

It will be completely non- Hindu, and there will no more Hindu kings.

This is a major shift in Hindu caste and culture.

As India becomes more multicultural, Hindus are becoming more diverse in their social status.

The newly elected Hindu king should be Hindu.

The monarch is Hindu.

Hindus will be able to live in peace with each other.

They will not need to worry about any other religions.

India will be safe for Hindus.

In addition, Hindus will also be able not only to have a Hindu queen, but a Hindu woman as well.

The former Hindu queen should be non Hindu.

She will not wear a Hindu head-dress.

She should wear a non Hindu headdress.

India should be a very tolerant country.

The next Hindu monarch will be Hindu and will not look at non-Brahmins as Hindus.

Hindus should be proud of being Hindus.

Hindu women should be beautiful.

India can become a great country.