It all started when my sister came home from the ashram school for her senior year. 

She was returning home from a school event, which meant we had to sit on a narrow spot for most of the evening.

I could only imagine what was going through her mind as she tried to figure out what to do next. 

In fact, she was so upset about the lack of cleanliness that she began writing an essay about it. 

It was a challenge for her to write it all down as she knew she was going to get a lot of criticism for it.

She wrote that the school had started to use sanitary pads for sanitary activities.

When I heard about this, I knew I had to find a way to help my sister and share this experience with the community.

The first thing I did was to ask my mother and sisters what they thought about the situation.

She had been writing about the sanitary pad issue for a while and I knew that she would be happy to hear from the community about it and share her opinion.

So, I emailed my mother about her thoughts on the matter.

She had no problem at all.

She explained to me that the sanitising pads had to do with sanitary hygiene, so she didn’t think that it was a big deal.

She said that she felt the same way about a sanitized sanitary paper.

I told her I didn’t want to get her into a controversy.

She agreed.

We decided to write a letter to the sanitation department to express our opinion on the sanisity of sanitary material. 

Soon, the sanity department received the letter.

Within a few days, they forwarded it to the principal of the school and asked them to ensure that the place for the students to sit was sanitized.

By the time we had sent the letter to them, the situation was under control and the place had been sanitizing for the last week. 

We were very grateful to them for taking the initiative and decided to continue the campaign for the sanitable napkin movement. 

Today, more than 40% of the students at the ashrams are from rural areas.

The reason behind this is the lack.

We had planned to create a petition to the government to ensure this issue is addressed.

The next step would be to go to the city and convince people of the importance of a sanitable pad.

This movement has brought out the worst in us, which is why we are grateful for the support of our community.