In the space of one week, India’s biggest ecommerce company, Bharat Paytm, has been on a roll.

The company, which offers a cashless, online payment solution that’s popular with Indian shoppers, has become one of the most popular online payment apps in the world, and has over $2 billion in annual sales.

On Wednesday, Bharate Paytm went public.

But as India’s leading ecommerce giant, the company is also a global company.

That makes Bharate’s valuation, and its valuation of the rest of the world’s big tech companies, very tricky.

To understand how Bharate came to be worth more than a billion dollars, let’s first take a look at the world of ecommerce.

A few years ago, when Paytm first launched in India, the country was a largely rural place with few major tech companies like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

As such, there was no easy way to make payments to India’s hundreds of thousands of people.

The country’s vast landmass, combined with a massive and under-developed transportation infrastructure, meant that getting a car or paying for a taxi was often a long and painful journey.

It also meant that most people in the country didn’t have access to the internet, let alone a smartphone.

Paytm launched its mobile payment service in March 2016, a few months after the launch of Amazon’s Prime Now.

The app was intended to be a simple way to send money to a friend, who then would send it to a person’s home in the city.

To create a payment, you would enter your credit card information and the destination you wanted to pay for, then click “Pay Now.”

When you finished sending the payment, Paytm would automatically complete the transaction and return the money.

In the years since, PaymTests, a payment app that connects merchants with users, has grown to become the most-used payment app in India.

Today, PayTM has over 4 million users.

By contrast, the likes of Uber and Flipkart have only about 500,000 users.

When it comes to payments to consumers, however, India is a much different place than the United States.

The average person in India can access the internet for just under a month per year.

The majority of Indians still have no broadband.

And because of a lack of connectivity, most of the country’s households can’t access their own internet at all.

The problem with this situation is that the country has one of India’s largest unbanked populations, who don’t have a bank account.

To make matters worse, most Indians lack internet access, so many of them can’t get online for any reason.

It’s no surprise that the app Paytm is currently popular in India and around the world.

Its success has led to a surge in demand.

Since its launch, the app has gone from being a mere app to being a global player in India’s ecommerce market.

BharatePaytm was initially sold as a way to facilitate payments to people living in rural areas and other rural areas, where the number of online payments is low.

The idea was that it would allow the ecommerce platform to grow and expand, while also helping the country with its growing unbanked population.

PaymTeachers In November 2016, the Bharatpaytm team launched the BharateTeachers platform to connect teachers with students across India.

This app was designed to help schools get access to digital learning tools and content, which could help improve learning outcomes.

By the end of 2017, over 100 million students had signed up to the app.

BharatTeachers was initially a way for teachers to access online classes that were already available.

As the number and quality of online courses grew, so did the demand for the app’s online learning tools.

As students started using the app to take courses, it became a way that they could send and receive payments for their classes.

The demand for online learning was so great that the BharattistePaytm team quickly realized that it had to expand the app and offer payments as well.

This required the creation of a payment platform.

That’s when the team realized that payments were a very popular way for students to send their teacher.

So they decided to develop a payment solution.

The payment solution they created, BharatiPaytm Paytm (BPP), was meant to offer payment services to students in rural India, which the company called the “world’s first ecommerce payment platform.”

The idea behind Bharati Paytm PayTM is simple: you create an account, which is then linked to your bank account, and the payments you make to your student are automatically deposited into your bank accounts.

For example, if your student sends you $50,000 in payments, your bank will automatically send you $25,000 to their bank account as a