The Kerala government on Wednesday decided to provide accommodation for some of its most renowned films, including an ashram-run movie school run by Kerala-based Kochrab ashrama, in a bid to attract more students.

The ministry said it was committed to “improving the lives of students and their families”.

The ministry also announced an incentive of Rs 15,000 for students to study at the Kochrab school, which was set up in 2007.

“We will support them and provide them with an opportunity to pursue their dreams,” said M N Sreenivasan, the state education minister.

Kochrab has about 1,000 students, and it offers scholarships for students of lower socio-economic status.

Its students have been criticised for not having enough toilets and having no facilities.

The government said that as many as 200 students a day have been enrolled at the school, with some studying as early as kindergarten.

The Kerala high court ordered Kochrab to open its first college in the state after a government order.

In April, the Kerala government opened an ashrama school for its students in Kochrab, where it also had the largest number of students.

It was later extended to other parts of the state.

Anath ashrams is also the home of Ashok Kalyan, who founded the Kochra-Ashram-Amita ashram in 2009.

It has a total of 4,000 residents, including its main college.

The Kochra ashram is in a district that is close to Kochrab and is one of the biggest in the city, and is also one of India’s biggest theatres.

An ashram runs a school for boys, a women’s college and an academy for women students, which has about 2,000 members, among them around 1,500 students.

The ashram opened in 2009, and has a student population of around 500 students, including some 300 students in the main college and some 300 in the college of the students, among others.

The state government said the Kochrabs college in Kochra will provide a “high standard of education” for the students.

An Ashram is a private organisation that is run by a person or organisation.

It offers educational services for people of all ages.

Kochrab Ashram, founded in 1979, is one the largest and most well-known ashrams in Kerala.

Its main college has 1,200 students.

Kochra is also an ashrams main campus.

Kochrab Ashrama operates a private college for boys for girls, as well as a women college for girls and a men’s college for men, the education ministry said.

The university is also run by an ashtar, or teacher, who is the only person in the institution who is allowed to do any of the functions that a normal person would have to do.

The college has a central campus in Kochrabad, where the main students are taught.