In May, a Hindu temple was set ablaze by mobs protesting against the demolition of the temple in the city’s Nanded district.

The arson was sparked by an article in a local newspaper that criticised the temple, saying it was run by an “anti-Hindu organisation” and a “dictator”.

The arson has now been confirmed as an act of terrorism, with police declaring the incident an act that is being carried out “under the cover of religion”.

In an official statement, police said the fire was caused by “a group of miscreants who had gathered at the Amrish Temple to burn and destroy the property”.

Police have appealed to anyone who knows anyone in the area to contact them, saying that the arson was carried out by “two people in their 20s”.

The Amritpura temple, built in 1885, was demolished in 2002 and later converted into a hotel, with a mosque, a temple and a graveyard built on top.

A plaque at the site of the incident reads: “The Hindu community in the Amrutapur district has lost its heritage and dignity, and this temple was built to the specifications of the ruler, the Guru Granth Sahib.”