A student union at Madras university has decided to boycott the institution for three weeks as a result of the sexual violence and sexual harassment allegations made against the school’s students by two men.

The protest will be called in solidarity with the other student unions at the school.

“We are not going to take part in the protests at Madra University for three months and for three days only.

This is to prevent the campus from being subjected to any other sexual violence or sexual harassment,” student union president Rishi Bhattacharya told the Hindustan Times.

The students union had demanded that the university be made to pay the expenses of the police and medical staff to the two men, and had asked the students union administration to ensure that there would be adequate support for the two victims and the women who are the targets of their sexual assault.

“The administration is still working on the details of the support we are providing to the victims and we will be meeting the administration tomorrow to discuss the details,” said Bhatticharya.