In a country where most people have only a basic knowledge of English, this is a huge challenge for those who want to enter the country. 

As you may have heard, gurudas are the oldest and most prestigious ashram in India.

These are the institutions where the guru’s teachings are preserved for generations to come. 

In India, gurus have been known to have visited remote locations, such as remote locations in the Himalayas, and give lectures on the nature of human existence and how to achieve spiritual enlightenment. 

Gurugrams can be anywhere, and there are more than a dozen in India, according to a guidebook published by Gurudas of India.

 Gurus who have been active in the country for over three centuries, like Ganesha, are well known and revered. 

A guru who has given at least 10 talks in the last 20 years is a very rare thing in India and they have very strict rules about what they can say. 

According to a spokesperson from the Gurudals of India, it takes a guru to give a lecture at a guru ashram. 

If a guru wants to do something special, he needs to give permission to his disciples to do it.

In this case, it means the guru must agree with the disciple that they can do a special talk at the ashram and that the guru has agreed to keep the video on his or her phone.

The disciple can also take the video with them and share it with their parents or any other family members. 

Another rule of the Gurugram is that you cannot make any video or audio recordings of the guruks.

This means the only thing you can do is send the video or the audio recording to the guru and keep it on your phone. 

While most of us can’t watch a video of the guru in person, if you take a video from your phone, the guru can watch it. 

The video is then uploaded on a website and the video can be shared on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

The guru is also responsible for ensuring that the video is uploaded in a way that makes it clear the guru was there, and that no other person is recording the gurbani.

According to the Gurus of India website, there are only a handful of guruds in the world and these have been preserved for over a century.

The Gurudagas of the Himalayan region, where the Gurukunji is located, are the only Gurugrams in the entire world, according a spokesperson for the Guruks of India told The Huffington