Sikh men are in mourning after a self-described guru died last week, and their community has come to the conclusion that he was assassinated.

As news of his death spread, some of the country’s largest Sikh organizations have condemned his killing as a terrorist attack and have vowed to launch a campaign to stop it.

Sikhism is a religious and cultural tradition in the world’s third-largest Muslim nation, but it has long been seen as a political force, and has seen its leaders arrested and imprisoned in the past.

The government, however, has maintained that Sikhism is an authentic form of Sikhism.

Sant Gurus, a self of guru of the Sikh Gurus of Canada, was gunned down in his Toronto home on May 17 by two men who say they were acting in self-defence.

The Sikh community, a loosely organized religion based on a collection of ancient scriptures, views Sikhs as a distinct religious minority and is often persecuted by the government.

The Sikh Guruses have called on the government to investigate and prosecute anyone who is involved in the killing of Sant Gurus.

They have also warned of a growing threat of terrorism.

The attack on the self-proclaimed guru comes as tensions in the country have risen following the fatal shooting of a Canadian man on Sunday in Minneapolis, and amid growing protests over alleged police brutality.

Police in Minneapolis have charged a man with first-degree murder in the fatal killing of Micah Johnson, a 28-year-old musician, on Sunday.

Johnson was shot in the head by a Minneapolis police officer on Saturday night after officers responded to a report of a man threatening a woman.

Johnson was unarmed, and police have said Johnson was trying to flee.

The shooting sparked weeks of protests and led to demonstrations in the city’s predominantly black South Minneapolis neighbourhood, where Johnson’s family lives.

In a statement, the Sikh Sikh Guruans of Canada called for the government “to investigate this attack as a hate crime and to prosecute anyone involved”.

Sant’s family said the Sikh community is deeply saddened by the death of Sant and called on him to return to the country, where he was born and raised.

“This is a difficult time for the Sikh people and the Sikhs, and the Sikh leaders are working with the government and others to provide support and to ensure the Sikh family can recover from this tragedy,” said the statement from the Sikh Federation of North America, the main umbrella organisation for the countrys Sikh community.

Sikhs are a minority in Canada, with just about 3,000 members in a country with an estimated population of more than 200 million.

The government has yet to provide any details about how the shooting occurred, although police have described the gunman as a white male.

A Sikh woman was also shot and injured by a police officer in Edmonton on Monday.

Police have said the shooting is being investigated as a possible hate crime, and have asked for the public’s help in identifying the two suspects.