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How to celebrate Swami Ananda Ashram (Swami Joytinat) in Canada?

In Canada, a festival celebrating Swami Joytinianat (Swaminathanas) is being celebrated in various locations.There are festivals across Canada, including ones in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and other parts of the country.There is also a festival in the United States called Swami Shishapuram.These festivals celebrate the saints of SwamiAnandaAshram and the saints who follow them.Swami Anandamath was […]

Which hotels are worth visiting in India?

Swami Anand, a guru of Buddhism in the United States and the leader of the ashram in Ashoka, has opened the world’s first Buddhist temple in the US.Its name is an anagram of Anandamala, the Buddha’s birthplace, which has been named by the British in honour of the man who founded the ashrams, Lord Anand.But […]

India’s Swami Anuradha’s ashram online for $1 million

In India, Swami Premananda, the founder of the ashram called Anurag Kashyap, has built a multimillion dollar ashram for the followers of the guru of the spiritual guru Ramdev, Anurabh Bachchan.The website for the ashrama is currently online for a one-million dollar price tag, but it’s unclear how much that sum would actually cost.This is […]