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How to get your kids to follow solar yoga

Teresa and her husband had a solar yoga session at the Mahad Ashram, one of the most popular solar yoga facilities in Pakistan, and she’s happy that the two of them were able to attend.The yoga teacher also said that she had some questions about how solar yoga could help with their child’s mental health.“The […]

‘Treaty of Goodwill’ will soon be cancelled: The Indian government says it will scrap the ‘treaty’ of goodwill between India and Pakistan

India is set to scrap the bilateral agreement between India, Pakistan and the United States which was signed in 1991, which was aimed at improving relations between the neighbours, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday.The announcement comes days after India and the US signed a deal for $100bn worth of infrastructure projects in Pakistan and […]

Sunnis and Shia in a bid to save Kashmir’s economy

Anand Ashram, an influential Sunni Muslim cleric, is facing a backlash after it was revealed that he was in a religious meeting with some of the country’s biggest Shia clerics and activists on the sidelines of the Indian Muslim conference in Pakistan.Sunnis and Shiites, who have historically held different opinions in the region, are competing […]