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Sonoma Ashram Bans Women From Shanti Giri Ashram

Sonoma, Calif.— — The Sonoma State University administration has banned women from its Shanti Gaba Ashram, the Ashram’s headquarters.The order, posted Friday on the campus website, said that the campus is “open to all,” but “all who choose to participate will be subject to the same standards of conduct as men.”It went on to say […]

Ashrama means a new place

It’s been a year since the US president Donald Trump’s inauguration, but yoga guru and yoga teacher Shanti Giri Ashram, who was a vocal advocate for the alt-right, has returned to her ashram.Ashram will hold a new event at Ashrama, an ashram located in the outskirts of Mumbai, on January 15.According to the organizers, the […]

How to shop for a cancer treatment on the Internet

A new online marketplace is aiming to bring the traditional pharmacy model of Indian drugstores to the global market.The site, bharat-bharat, offers a marketplace where people can purchase cancer treatment and other drugs from India.They can also buy online, with the website allowing people to pay with Bitcoin or Paypal.It’s a very different model than […]

How to Get Away with Yoga in India

How to get away with yoga in India, even if you’re not in the US, if you get an invitation from an Indian yogi, and even if your parents don’t know.The guidelines vary from place to place.Some, like Sanjeevans yoga centre in Chicago, are more welcoming to American tourists than they are to Indian yogis.And […]