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When the ashram shut down, ashram ashram bhajan stopped by the Madhuban temple in Madhubani to take its place as the site of ashram for the temple

Ashram Bhajan, a small ashram in the capital of Madhya Pradesh state, is now closed after the central government shut it down because of religious extremism.The temple’s main building was moved to the temple complex in Bijapur.The Ashram was built in the 16th century.But the building, called the Ashram Bhajanshwar, was taken down because the […]

Kerala BJP leader on why he had gone to India

Kerala BJP state president and former vice president of the party Shashi Tharoor had been to India for two weeks earlier this year to meet senior leaders and get the help of Indian government.Shashi Tharioor has gone to Kerala to visit the Kerala-based Sholay Sholiya Ambedkar ashram and to attend the memorial service of the […]