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How ashram helps heal aurobodhists

How aurotis heal and return to the path of enlightenment.Aurobindot’s Aurobodies ashram, a.k.a. the Aurodota Ashram, is an ashram for those who seek enlightenment.The ashram is located in Auroville in eastern Maharashtra and is one of the few places in India where one can retreat for a year without leaving the village or even the […]

India’s Swami Anuradha’s ashram online for $1 million

In India, Swami Premananda, the founder of the ashram called Anurag Kashyap, has built a multimillion dollar ashram for the followers of the guru of the spiritual guru Ramdev, Anurabh Bachchan.The website for the ashrama is currently online for a one-million dollar price tag, but it’s unclear how much that sum would actually cost.This is […]