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Which hotels are worth visiting in India?

Swami Anand, a guru of Buddhism in the United States and the leader of the ashram in Ashoka, has opened the world’s first Buddhist temple in the US.Its name is an anagram of Anandamala, the Buddha’s birthplace, which has been named by the British in honour of the man who founded the ashrams, Lord Anand.But […]

When Anath Ashram and Kochrab Ashram rented out rooms for film students: How a Kerala college was a model for other colleges in the country

The Kerala government on Wednesday decided to provide accommodation for some of its most renowned films, including an ashram-run movie school run by Kerala-based Kochrab ashrama, in a bid to attract more students.The ministry said it was committed to “improving the lives of students and their families”.The ministry also announced an incentive of Rs 15,000 […]

Anandi Ashram, the Ashram of Patanjala

Bharat Ashram in Anandiburi, Uttar Pradesh, has been criticised for allegedly discriminating against women and discriminating against students of Dalit, Muslim, Christian and Sikh communities. The Ashram charges students from across the religious spectrum, from the lower castes to the upper castes.It charges a monthly fee of Rs 50,000 for male students and Rs 50 for […]