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How to find a ashram in Rajasthan – AP

Ramesh Khatri has lived in Rameshaswamy, a small village in Rajsheswam district for the past five years.But the village has been under attack from the Maoists for years.He was the village head and was targeted by them for being a member of the local militia.“They were using the village as a base,” he says.“We did […]

How much is Sabarmati Ashram worth?

Vivekanandani ashram, located in the outskirts of Middletown, is a sprawling Hindu temple complex, built in the early 1900s, that now houses over 100,000 people.Its popularity among young Hindu devotees, and its proximity to the city of Detroit, have earned it the nickname “Sabarmat’s most popular ashram.”A recent report by the Detroit Free Press detailed […]