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The ashram stays at a luxury resort

Stay at a new luxury resort at the top of the list?Ashram at the end of the hill at Kachibadham in Kachirajpur district of Uttar Pradesh.The ashrama at Kochrab Ashram in Karunadha district of the state is a private residence and was built with money from a fund to fund the ashram at a cost […]

Anandi Ashram, the Ashram of Patanjala

Bharat Ashram in Anandiburi, Uttar Pradesh, has been criticised for allegedly discriminating against women and discriminating against students of Dalit, Muslim, Christian and Sikh communities. The Ashram charges students from across the religious spectrum, from the lower castes to the upper castes.It charges a monthly fee of Rs 50,000 for male students and Rs 50 for […]