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Which is better for your yoga?

Anath ashrama is a popular ashram in India and offers classes for students aged between 13 and 30.Its classes run from January to December.Its website claims to teach all levels of yoga, and offers lessons in basic yoga, advanced yoga, meditation, and yoga-related disciplines.The Ashram offers classes in different yoga styles, ranging from advanced yoga […]

When Anath Ashram and Kochrab Ashram rented out rooms for film students: How a Kerala college was a model for other colleges in the country

The Kerala government on Wednesday decided to provide accommodation for some of its most renowned films, including an ashram-run movie school run by Kerala-based Kochrab ashrama, in a bid to attract more students.The ministry said it was committed to “improving the lives of students and their families”.The ministry also announced an incentive of Rs 15,000 […]