Sushmeets Baputas ‘Aya’ and ‘Aiya’, the spiritual and religious leaders of Sushmadri Swami Satchidananda Ayog and Satchi Naik, will be on hand for the unveiling of the statue of Swami Baputra on Saturday.

The Swami is the grandson of the Swami Rama who founded the Ashram in the late 16th century.

It is expected to take place at the Ashrama’s temple, on the outskirts of Sonepat, where the Swamy is revered as a great guru.

Sushma, who is known for her deep devotion to the Swaminarayananda movement, has said the statue will be built in honour of Swamiji.

It will be erected on a platform that will be lined with stones and adorned with a canopy of colourful fabric.

Satchi, who heads the Ashrams Mahaadharaya, Kirti Nagar, Ashram Sanyasa and Bapuram Ashram, will also be in attendance.

She will unveil the statue, which will be mounted on a massive marble statue of the great sage.

The sculpture of Swamy will be flanked by three statues of the three Swami saints: Guru Gobind Singh, Sri Ramana Maharshi and the late Bhagat Singh.

In August, Swami Parasharamaiah, the director general of the Sushmiranda Ashram and the president of the Sri Ramayana Mahasabha, visited Satchiyas birthplace to inaugurate the statue.