Bangalore: The head of India’s leading ashram is taking a vacation with his wife and children.

Srinivasam, who has spent decades in the country’s most popular ashram after leading its founding group in 2009, will be returning to India in the fall after hosting a series of tours of the country, including one with the Indian team.

Sri Lanka has been a key ally in Sri Lanka’s quest to build a “new nation” in Sri Lankan history.

In the last few years, Sri Lanka has also hosted more than 50,000 students from around the world.

Srikanthi Ashram in Kanakapuram in the southern Tamil Nadu state, which is also home to the countrys largest Buddhist temple, has been leading the nation’s efforts to build the country.

The Sri Lankans aim to transform it into a tourism destination for Sri Lanka.

“Sri Lankan Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Prime Minister of India had asked me to come and participate in the Sri Lankanian project and to make a new nation in the nation,” Sri Lanka Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nambu Kishore said in a statement.

“I am glad to welcome the PM and the PM’s family to Sri Lanka and welcome the students from the Sri Lanka National Ashram as well as the people of Sri Lanka as a whole.”

He added that the PMs family will be visiting Kanakakapuri Ashram and also visiting the Sri Lanan Buddhist temple.

The Sri Lanka Tourism Ministry is also set to unveil the country´s new national anthem, a new song, and the national motto.

The new anthem will be unveiled on September 25 and will be the official national anthem.