Sonoma, Calif.

— — The Sonoma State University administration has banned women from its Shanti Gaba Ashram, the Ashram’s headquarters.

The order, posted Friday on the campus website, said that the campus is “open to all,” but “all who choose to participate will be subject to the same standards of conduct as men.”

It went on to say that “women who have had previous or current relationships with a man and have not fully expressed any interest in dating outside of their respective genders are not welcome” at the Ashrams.

The ban does not apply to those who have not had sexual contact with men or women in the past, or those who are “unfit for employment,” the university said.

The announcement comes after the San Francisco-based Shanti Baba Ashrama, the oldest of the Ashras, announced in January that it would be closing its doors.

It had previously hosted women who wanted to become its “spiritual leaders.”

The San Francisco branch said in January it would also be closing.