Ashram GOKARNA, IN: The ashram of the Hindu holy site of Gauri, in Karnataka, has become the first in India to open its doors for women and the first private women-run ashram in the country.

The ashram has become a hub of the religious community, and women are invited to share meals with each other as they eat together.

The women are expected to stay together, for a total of four days in the community, before going home.

Ashram Goksarnar, located on the outskirts of the city of Goa, has been offering women a place to congregate since 2013.

Now, it has opened for the first time in Goa.

The women can enjoy a meal and refreshments with the community.

The entire community, including members of the ashram staff and volunteers, will be on hand to greet the women and welcome them to the community.

“When we were opening the door, we realized that we were in the right place for the women,” Ashram founder and Ashram trustee Prakash Chaudhary said.

“This is the first place where women can feel welcome, they can feel safe.

Our aim is to serve all people, regardless of their gender.

We have set out to create a place where everyone can be a member of the community”.

Ashram founder Shreya Kumar said he felt it was important to open the doors for the community to share the food they eat.

“When you open the door for women, you have opened the doors to other people,” he said.

“The first day I opened the door to the women, they started talking about the food we served them.

So I thought, let us open this door to other women, and let them have a meal, and also have the same opportunity.”‘

I am the most humble person’I came here to make the community a place that women could feel safe, and a place of honour and dignity.

The community has come together, and now it is time for the rest of the women to follow.

We want to spread our message of empowerment, we want to make our women feel confident, and we want the rest to follow,” Ashmona Devi, a member from Goa who is part of the Ashram staff, said.

Ashmonas social media accounts are set up with the hashtag #AshmonaDevi to share updates.

The community has been trying to open a community ashram for over a year, and this is the culmination of all the efforts.

The Ashram, which has an average attendance of about 50 women, has a kitchen that can cater to the needs of as many as 100 people.”

Our aim is for the Ashrams people to be equal, to be the most honest person, to give their best,” Ashara Devi said.

The first women-only ashram was opened by the Ashrama community in 2009.

The Ashram was set up after the deaths of more than 30 people at a gurdwara in Bangalore.

The death of a 25-year-old woman at the Gurdwala on January 27, 2017, prompted a wave of anger across the country, and it was later claimed that a group of Ashram members were behind the murder.