The Ashram, a 100-year-old ashram in Kerala’s Kannur district, will be hosting a function on Sunday, when Nithyanna Ashram leader, Nitharya Parn, will address the students of the ashrama, the news agency reported.

Parn is known for her fiery rhetoric against religious extremism, and has previously warned that Kerala’s religious extremism will only get worse if people remain complacent.

Ashram director Suresh Narayanan told News24 that the event would be held in the “most sacred temple” in the village of Ganga, and that Nitharyananda Ashram would hold the function.

“I would like to personally apologise to the students at Nithiyanna Ashrama for the recent event and the incident that was caused,” Narayanantan said.

“But we are proud of the community and we hope to keep our promises of inclusion and peace.”

Ashram staff and volunteers will also be available to address the audience, Narayananto said.

Ashram members were initially denied permission to attend the event after a complaint by a Muslim organisation, the Muslim Council of India (MCI), on grounds that they were not practicing their faith properly.

The Ashram has a presence in the northern city of Kozhikode, where students are enrolled and students are allowed to pray at the premises.

Parn has previously clashed with the Muslim community and has faced a number of legal challenges.

She was arrested for allegedly beating a Muslim woman during a heated argument in December last year, and was later released after her bail was lifted.

Pattinan, who is the president of the Ashram’s board of trustees, told News 24 the issue was over the security of the premises, not the students.

“We are not going to allow any security problems to occur in the ashrams, so we would like the students to have peace and quiet,” he said.

“I am confident in the work of Nithadyanna Ashrams, we will work for the welfare of the students and we will protect them.”