Kerala, the most populous state in India, is home to a thriving ashram, the Anand Ashram in Kannur.

The ashram is one of the most well-known religious sites in the country and is also a major attraction for visitors to India.

But the Kerala State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) has announced that the institution’s facilities, which include classrooms, gymnasiums and a swimming pool, will be closed for renovations in the next three months.KSTDCA said the renovation work will be done by the state government.

“The renovation works will take place between October and March, and will involve the use of private and public facilities.

The construction work will involve excavation of the ashram site, excavating the ashrams premises and constructing the ashraras buildings, among other activities,” KSTDDC said in a statement.

Kerala is the state that received the world’s highest number of pilgrimages in the past few years, with more than 20 million people visiting the holy city.

The state has also seen a significant rise in its population of people, with an estimated 6 million people travelling to the state every year, and over 20 million living in the state.

The Anand ashrams is located in Kallipur village in Kambathipur district in Kerala, and has an estimated 1.2 million worshippers.

According to the Kerala Tourism Development Authority (KTDCA), Kambam’s population grew by 13.8 percent in 2016-17, and by 8.2 percent in 2017-18.

The KTDCA said that the annual tourism expenditure in Kerala in 2018-19 was Rs 6.89 crore, a record high.