New Scientist is delighted to reveal that, to our knowledge, the world’s biggest sex shop has its very own secret underground network.

This secret has been going on for years, with a large network of suppliers who have all set up shop at the same brothel.

“A lot of brothels are owned by men,” explains Osho Ashram sex expert and author of The Biggest Brothel in the World, Rizvi Shafeeq.

“The women come from all over the world, from China, from Pakistan, from India, from Europe, from the Middle East, from Asia, from South America, and even from Africa.

It’s a big operation.”

The shop also offers escort services, with an estimated 1,500 women working there.

“These are girls who come to work because they want to have sex,” says Oshot Ashram.

“But there are so many different kinds of girls who want to be taken advantage of.”

There are the regular girls who are in the sex trade to make money, as they get to do things they’d rather not do.

There are those who are part of a larger network, which is often referred to as the “sham”, which is used to cover up the illegal activity.

There is also the “dirt” girls, who are used to keep the ringers and other members in check.

The girls are often paid in sex work, which may include a lot of money, drugs and alcohol.

But there is a catch.

Most of the women work at a brothel for no money, or are not able to get paid for their work at all.

In fact, the only way these women can survive is to keep their clients happy.

But as the sex workers themselves reveal, the work is not only expensive, it is dangerous.

“We know about the dangers of sex work,” says Shafeesh, “but we’re not even aware of the number of people who die from it.”

The work is incredibly dangerous because it requires that a woman’s body be destroyed and then re-planted, or a person is forced to do it.

And because of the danger, there are very strict rules about what kind of work a girl can do.

For example, a girl cannot work with her hands, and cannot perform oral sex, which can result in severe bleeding and infections.

So far, there have been at least four deaths associated with this work, including a teenage girl who was killed in an accident at the Ashram in 2015.

In 2016, the Ashrams website was hacked, with the names and contact details of over 300 prostitutes in India and Pakistan being posted.

There was also a raid on the premises of the Asharam, in the northern city of Lahore, and the police were forced to issue a public warning.

According to Shafief, many of the girls working in the Ashramids were working with “very bad customers”, and the girls who were rescued by the police could not be traced because they did not have proper documents.

The police are investigating and will be making a public statement soon.

“There are two main types of people,” says Ashram, “those who are into this work and those who do not.”

It is estimated that in Pakistan alone, between 50,000 and 100,000 people have been forced into the sex business, and that up to 30,000 are still working.

Some women are also forced to work in prostitution because they have no choice, or cannot afford the costs involved.

But many girls are forced into this illegal business by the men who run the brothel.

The brothel’s owner has been arrested for child prostitution and sexual abuse, and is being prosecuted by the Lahore High Court.

The owner’s wife, who runs the brothel, has also been arrested and faces charges.

“This is what we call the sex racket,” says Rizwaz Shafieq.

It is also believed that in a few cases, there has been child sex trafficking, although this is not confirmed.

But the girls have to take these risks for money.

“You have to have a lot more luck,” says Kishore Gopalan, a sex worker who runs a sex-worker protection group called SexWorkersInternational.

“If the girl doesn’t get the money, she can’t survive.

You can’t just be an escort.”

It’s not just the girls that have to keep in touch with their brotheling bosses, either.

There’s also a growing number of women who have come to the sex shop for the sole purpose of working as prostitutes.

And in some cases, the women have been killed.

“I know a girl who got pregnant, and she died,” says Gopalian.

“Some of the brolets have put her body in a refrigerator to prevent her from getting infected.

Others have told me they kill her because she is going to have too many children.”

The sex shop