Kerala’s premier ashram has a new name: Bollywood Ashram Bangalore.

It is a place where young aspiring actors come to learn from a variety of masters of the film industry.

The Ashram, which opened in October 2017, offers an intensive programme in the fields of acting, film, acting as an actress, acting in Hindi films and singing.

Its main goal is to educate aspiring actors in the Hindi film industry, and to give them a chance to showcase their talents.

The Ashram is a centre for learning and empowerment for young aspiring filmmakers in Kerala, who are struggling with financial difficulties due to high taxes and high cost of living.

Bollywood is a fast-growing industry in Kerala and the industry in the state has been booming in recent years.

The state has one of the largest film industry hubs in India with over 60,000 employees in the film production industry.

The main aim of the Ashram’s programme is to teach young aspiring film stars the fundamentals of acting and filmmaking, including the techniques and tools needed to become a professional actor.

According to the director of the Bollywood ashram and head of the department of arts, Vidya Krishnamurthy, the students are expected to have been performing professionally for over two years.

The ashram also has a separate training centre where students will take part in a workshop on “creating a good career for yourself” with a view to becoming directors and actors in future.

The students are encouraged to have their own projects in the future and will be given a chance for feedback from the Ashrams teachers.

“We also encourage them to become actors and get a chance,” Krishnamorthy said.

The programme has also been instrumental in bringing in talent from other states in Kerala.

According a recent report, the state had over 4,000 actors who were either actors or producers of films.