A new online marketplace is aiming to bring the traditional pharmacy model of Indian drugstores to the global market.

The site, bharat-bharat, offers a marketplace where people can purchase cancer treatment and other drugs from India.

They can also buy online, with the website allowing people to pay with Bitcoin or Paypal.

It’s a very different model than the traditional drugstores, which charge big commissions on the sales.

They also charge fees for the medicines, and sometimes have rules to prevent them from going out of stock.

The company wants to change that by making it easy for people to buy from India’s traditional drugstore chain.

The service, called Bharat-Bharat is similar to Amazon Prime, which has been popular in India for several years.

It allows users to pay in bitcoin and receive free shipping on orders.

People can even buy from the company’s website for pennies on the dollar.

“I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime because you can get Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Delivery for free,” the founder and CEO of Bharat, Shanti Giri, told Ars.

“I believe the same is true for Bitcoin.”

The company is a joint venture between Giri and former hedge fund manager Prashant Rajendran.

The two have worked together for years.

Rajendre is currently a partner at KKR India.

Giri, who previously worked at Amazon, believes that bitcoin is a way to bring in a more direct relationship between users and the company.

“A bitcoin transaction is very, very transparent,” he said.

“In the traditional system, the middleman would take a cut and they would send back a payment to the customer, and that’s how we know they’re sending it to the right person.”

Giri and Rajendresi hope that by introducing bitcoin, people will become more willing to pay for cancer treatment, as they do with many other medical services.

“The main challenge is in getting people to spend money,” Rajendren said.

“Bitcoin is a platform that enables people to transact directly with the company in an instant.

People don’t have to go to a store and wait for a few days.

Bitcoin allows them to transact instantly with the people they’re paying with.”

Gir and Rajindre believe that Bitcoin will become a major platform for health care.

“With Bitcoin, we can bring in more patients to the service.

We are seeing a lot of demand for the service,” Giri said.

He added that he hopes to get 100 million people using the service by 2019.

Bharatiya Bazar, a health care technology startup in India, is looking to bring bitcoin to India as well.

They are offering a Bitcoin wallet for patients in India to buy cancer treatment in bulk, with their payment processed by the company and shipped to their homes.

“This is a new trend in health care,” Bhilwarpa said.

Gir said that Bharatiya is planning to roll out a similar service to Bitcoin in other countries.

Bitcoin, he said, has potential to become a significant player in the healthcare industry.

“This is just the beginning.

We have plans to do it in more countries and in more states,” he added.