It was a sunny morning in January this year and it was raining.

I was getting ready to head to my yoga session at Dhana Hotel in Dhakaria, which was located in the southern part of the country.

I had just bought a book from Amazon for Rs.5,500 (about $70).

I was looking forward to it and then, all of a sudden, the rain came.

The rain had already started.

It was just as I was about to finish my book, a few paces away from where I was, a strong gale suddenly blew and ripped apart the building.

The book was tossed into the middle of the street.

It landed on my head and then landed on a parked car in front of the hotel.

The car was totaled.

It had been parked on the road for the last 30 minutes.

The roof had blown away and there were broken windows everywhere.

It turned out that my book had been damaged in the wind, and my car had been rammed by a truck.

It has been raining for four days and I have only just arrived in Dhana to get my book repaired.

The next morning, the hotel manager, who had picked up the book in the parking lot, saw the damage and rushed over to find the book and took it to the hotel’s manager, Naveen, who was sitting at the reception desk.

Naveena came back with a bag full of the book, including my book.

Nadeena told me that he would send it to a private library in Mumbai.

It took about three hours to get the book to the library.

At the library, I received my book from the manager.

I thanked the manager and told him that I was going to get back to work the next day.

It only took me about five minutes to get home and go to work.

But, it was just before I got back home.

As I was driving home, I noticed that the road was completely covered with dust.

I called my friend who is a construction worker, who told me, “Don’t forget to take your book and bring it to your friend’s house to pick it up.

It could be a good souvenir.”

So, I drove back to Dhana.

When I got to my friend’s place, I picked up my book and headed towards my friend, who works in a construction company.

He told me to call his office and he will send me a book.

I picked it up and I was surprised to see the dust covered pages of my book in my hand.

I got home, took the book out and read it.

It is very beautiful.

The cover of the chapter is very detailed.

It also has a picture of the Buddha.

The chapter was about the importance of prayer and the importance to practice good deeds and to strive for happiness.

It even had a picture on the cover of a book called Yoga Sutras by Swami Shivananda.

This book has a lot of information.

The first chapter was on the practice of meditation.

The second chapter is about yoga.

It discusses the importance for the students to study the Dhamma.

The third chapter is a meditation about yoga and how to practice the Dhatu.

The fourth chapter is on the meaning of life and how it can be a source of happiness.

The fifth chapter was the practice for life and death.

The sixth chapter is called “Life in a Day,” which explains how to have a positive attitude.

The seventh chapter explains how the Dhanuras are connected with all the physical body.

The last chapter is the chapter on the nature of the soul and the teachings of Sri Sri Rama Das.

The following day, I took the same book to my brother in Mumbai who was a construction contractor.

I told him about the damage to my book that he had picked it from.

He said that he could help me fix it and get it back.

The next day, we started repairing the roof of the building and repairing the window of my friend and my books.

The dust from the books was still on the roof and on the window.

After a week, we repaired the roof.

The problem was solved.

The damage to the roof was not that bad and I did not have to go to the police station.

But I was really happy to have repaired the damage that had been done to my books, my life, my friends and my family.

I would like to say that my books have been restored and my friends have returned to their jobs and are working again.

They are now able to teach classes.

I have been to work every day in the morning and at night.

I love working.

I am a great worker.

The lesson of this is that even though you have your books, you still have to