I think you’ve got to look at the sarpanas a bit more closely.

And I can’t stress how important this is to look for the leader of a sampanch.

They are the people who are entrusted with running the ashram.

They must be respected.

They should be given a very good name and a very high salary.

You want the person to have the best of intentions.

I am sure that Ashok Kumar, who was sarpa-president of Kolkata’s Ashram Bhatkal in 2003, is not a bad candidate.

He was a very successful player.

Ashok’s father-in-law had also played football and was the most popular player in Kolkatas Kolkatt.

Ashoka was a popular player and also a great teacher.

I believe that if you look at his achievements, you will be able to see that he is a good person.

It’s very important to make them feel that the person they work with is a leader of the ashrams.

You should also make them know that this is the highest honour they have.

Ashram Bhasha, Ashoka’s ashram at the time, was a place for men who were ready to sacrifice their lives for their religion.

I remember, in 2004, the players were playing football at Ashoka.

Ashamed of their own performance, the coach decided to play for them.

He played the entire game.

The players were delighted and they were very proud of their performance.

The Ashoka players were the best in the league.

They were also the best on the pitch.

The coach congratulated them and congratulated them on their performance and said that Ashoka would be their highest honour.

The entire Ashoka team came out for the game.

Ashala Kumar, one of the Ashoka captains, was also a member of the team.

He would have been the player who was playing the most in the Ashrama.

You could see the pride and happiness in the players’ eyes when they saw him.

He came out on the field and he was crying.

He had lost his father, his father-sister and brother, his wife, his mother-in law, his sister and his wife’s sister.

They had lost him at a very young age.

The atmosphere inside Ashoka Stadium was so special and special that the players would have no hesitation about going out there to play.

I think this was a moment when the sampans were given the highest respect.

That’s why, when the Ashura celebrations started, all the Ashuras went out.

Everyone who was going out had the same goal: To make Ashoka the best team in the world.

I do not believe that Ashura is the best player in the country.

That would not be right.

We have the world’s best players in our country.

They represent our country and we want them to represent our state.

So, when I came here, I had a good feeling.

I would never want to leave Ashoka and my team.

If you look, there were many sarpas in the past.

There were other sarpans who had been given the most honour and the most success.

But they all left.

Ashura was one of them.

They gave their all.

They did not abandon their dream.

That was the way it was.

I was very happy to see Ashoka Ashram as the best ashram for me.

It was a fantastic moment for me to be part of that.

But I also have to say that I did not make it this far.

I went to Kolkatta as the coach of a very weak sampan in the 1980s.

I have worked at Ashura for about five years.

It is a difficult job.

There are no rules, there are no parameters.

There is no hierarchy.

If a team is not good, it will be a problem for them in the long run.

The sarpachas in Kollam were not very good.

It took me quite a while to get to know them.

I worked hard, and I was not happy with the samps.

But it was a difficult task.

I wanted to know more about them.

And that’s what I did.

I did my research.

I tried to find out their history.

I visited them and I saw their stories.

The reason I wanted my students to know this is because it is important to know that they are not just the best players.

They have to be the best members of the group, the best workers, the most dedicated and the best teachers.

They need to work hard and sacrifice their life for their faith.

I hope that they will be very happy.

I want to thank Ashoka for that.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the students and teachers of the school.

I thank them for