A couple’s savings to save for retirement has never been easier.

So why not set aside $50 to get started?

We spoke to experts to find out how.

Ashram is a retirement savings company based in Pennsylvania that is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

It offers a $25,000 investment to those with low-income spouses, kids and others.

Ashrams goal is to make the experience for its members as easy as possible, so that they can be financially independent without any debt.

Ashravers staff, from left, Christine, John and Jessica, are pictured in July.

(Mark Ralston/Getty Images)It doesn’t require a lot of resources to get the money.

They don’t have to work to save the money, either.

Asharam will automatically set aside your money for you if you meet certain criteria.

It’s a great way to get a head start in saving for retirement, as the savings can be rolled over to a later date, when you need it more.

You’ll receive a check for your contributions every month.

It also gets you an annual account statement that will show your current balance and account activity.

The account has a low fee of 0.5% and you can open a new account every two years.

The savings are tied to the company, so you won’t have any trouble changing your mind.

It’s important to note that your savings can only be used for your own retirement, not your spouse’s.

So you can’t save it for someone else, such as a children’s college fund.