The most sought after yoga ashrama in India is one of the most expensive.

The one that has the most options for people wanting to go there for the first time is called the Ayurveda Ashram. 

The Ashram has over 3,000 yoga students.

But it is a private institution and the number of students is very limited.

Many of them have been staying at the Ashram for years and they are not used to being in a space where they can see their teachers.

They prefer to go to other yoga facilities in the country like the Dharamsala Yogi Ayurvayur Ashram, which is also private and open to the public. 

It is also an option for students wanting to explore the region or do a few yoga poses in the evening.

The Ayurveek Yoga Ashram is also the most affordable yoga ashrar.

Its popularity is because of the very limited number of yoga students there, which also helps the ashram attract a lot of students. 

Amitabh Bachchan has been visiting the Ashrams for many years, and he said that it was the only place where he could practice his yoga.

“I do yoga at the ashrams for about three months and I enjoy it a lot.

I have not experienced any problems, especially from the teachers,” he said.”

If there are any issues, they are quick to help me out. 

I am very happy at the Ayurs.”

The Ashrams have also become popular with people who are looking for a place to practice yoga in the evenings. 

“I have been coming to the Ashams for years, but the number has grown in recent years.

There is a lot more space now and a lot less people,” said Sunil Chaudhary. 

He said that yoga is a very important religion and the ashams are a place where people can practice their religion. 

This is also what makes the Ashmars popular.

It has become a place for yoga to be practised in.

“Yoga is a religious practice and you have to practise it in a place that you feel comfortable with,” said Amitabh. 

While there are other private yoga ashrs, they do not have as much popularity. 

According to Ajay, one of his favourite yoga ashras is the Gurgaon ashram.

He said that the Ashkaries are very well organized and offer a great variety of yoga exercises.

“There is an extensive program for the yoga, but there is no real competition for it.

The Ashram offers a great mix of yoga classes and classes for other activities,” he added. 

On top of that, the Ashrums facilities are also clean and sanitary. 

Yoga Ashram in Mumbai, India. 

Some of the yoga ashrums in Mumbai are open to all students.