What are the most popular Hindu temples in India?

We asked our readers to share their favorite temples in their countries and it turned out to be the largest and most popular temples in each of them.

Here are the top 10 temples in different parts of India:1.

Bhagavad Gita Temple in Amravati, GujaratA large Hindu temple, which has the largest hall in India, and has a huge amount of relics and other treasures, including the gold-leafed gold and silver bowl.

It was built by Ramakrishna Saraswati, who was also the patron of the temple.

It is situated at Amravatti, a small village near Ahmedabad.2.

Maha Jyoti Bhavan in Amritsar, BiharBhagavadi Temple in the state of Bihar has a large hall with a large statue of Lord Krishna.

It has been used as a temple since the 12th century.3.

Gauravathi Temple in Jammu and KashmirThe Gaurava Temple in Kashmir has the highest number of temples in the world.

It had the first temple in the city of Srinagar in 1623, and it was inaugurated by King Akbar in 1692.

The first Gauravan temple was built in 1599.4.

Ayodhya Temple in Ayodabad, Uttar PradeshThe tallest temple in South India, the Ayodhaya Temple is one of the holiest Hindu shrines in the country.

It’s also one of India’s most important Hindu sites.

It dates back to 1492 and is situated on the banks of the Ganges.5.

Rajkot Temple in Uttar PradeshOne of the largest temples in Uttar, it is the largest temple in West Bengal.

It can be accessed by walking from the village of Rajkotspur.6.

Baba Ramdev Temple in KolkataThe largest temple of the city, located in the heart of Kolkatal, it was built around 1500 by Baba Mahishasura, a ruler of Kalinga, a city of Gujarat.7.

Dattatreya Temple in HyderabadThe tallest Hindu temple built in the Indian subcontinent, it has a hall and two huge statues.8.

Bhandarkar Temple in Andhra PradeshOne the most prestigious Hindu temples, it’s one of few temples that is located in Hyderapuram, one of Hyderabad’s main metropolises.9.

Jambakkam Temple in MaharashtraThe temple has two large statues of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.10.

Kannada Temple in KarnatakaThe tallest of the large temples in Karnavam, it also has a statue of King Satyamitra.