Sihoria Ashram, in south Delhi’s Kurla locality, is one of the few ashrams offering classes in modern-day yoga and meditation techniques.

The Ashram’s students are trained in a range of styles, from yoga, to classical music, to meditation.

The guru and his devotees are among the most popular among the students of the ashram.

The ashram’s yoga teacher is a revered figure in his region and a close confidant of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

His devotion to the guru has led to frequent visits by Modi, who has also made a pilgrimage to the ashrams to witness the guru’s teachings.

The guru is also revered by a number of other people.

His wife, the yoga instructor Kaur, is also a popular figure in the region.

The couple has three daughters, including a son, Ram Singh.

In an interview with CNN-IBN last month, Kaur told the broadcaster that the family had never visited any ashram besides that of Sihorie Ashram.

“We have never had any discussions with any guru, or had any connection with him,” she said.

“As the guru is a close friend of the Prime Minister, he knows how important this Ashram is for us,” she added.

Sihori Ashram has been offering classes to students in a manner similar to traditional yoga classes offered by the ashrama’s founder Ramakrishna, whose name has been changed.

It is also one of many ashrams in south India offering yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic techniques.

According to the Indian Express, the guru himself has a personal relationship with the students, and is often seen teaching them yoga classes.

According to Sihor, yoga is taught in the asharams through a combination of a variety of methods, from chanting mantras to breathing exercises.

Siamor told the Indian Business Line that students do not practice any of the advanced yoga methods of modern day yoga, which he said include yoga poses and breathing exercises that are meant to strengthen the nervous system.

“There is no yoga training at Sihoran Ashram,” Sihoro told the news agency.

“We are offering a traditional yoga style of meditation and relaxation.

We are not doing any advanced yoga techniques.

Our students are just learning the basic yoga techniques.”

The guru’s popularity has attracted a lot of interest among students in India, particularly in south-eastern Delhi.

In 2016, the Prime Minster visited Sihorus Ashram to see for himself.

While Modi was not in the Ashram for the visit, he did make a brief stop at Siamora Ashrama.

Siwiya Singh, an 18-year-old student of Siamori Ashrams who also studied with Modi, told CNN-IBN that Modi had shown him respect.

“He said, ‘Siwiyas, I have studied your practice and I understand the importance of you being here.

I hope you stay with us in the future,'” she said in a phone interview.

The ashram has a dedicated community of devotees who follow the guru.

The devotees come from all walks of life, from teachers to students.

They also pray to the Gita, the Hindu scriptures, to pay homage to the Ashrama founder, and to seek blessings on their families.

In an interview, Sihore said the community of students and devotees was a part of his spiritual life.

“My life is the most spiritual, it is very close to God,” he said.

“The students have the most faith in me.

When we meet, they say, ‘God bless you,’ and I pray.”

According to the Hindu website Vedic Times, Siwyas wife Kaur also attended the asharam and said she had always felt a connection with the guru, even as she herself had never met him.

Siyamir said the devotees were not only a part in the life of the guru but also the life behind the guru as well.

“I never saw him without his wife,” Siyams wife said.