Kerala is the first Indian state to host a Nithya Ashram.

In January, Nithyana’s father, Bajrang Dal leader Subhash Nithu, died of cancer, but the ashram has continued to be a focal point for social and political change in the state.

The Nithys have hosted a Nityananda Ashram every year since 1988.

Nithiyas father’s ashes have been interred in a large shrine in Kerala.

Nithyanandi Ashram (Nityanandandanda Ashrama) is a celebration of Hinduism and spirituality, with a focus on the life of Buddha.

The ashram began in 2009 and the first Nityya Ashrams took place in 2013.

The Nithyoans’ legacy has spread throughout the country, with many ashrams still taking place today.

As the Nithnyananda Ashrams have grown, so have the personalities involved in them.

Bajrang Daleshi, who led the Kerala Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in the 1980s and 1990s, is now the president of the Kerala Congress.

His son, Uma Vardhan, is also the party’s chief minister.

Nitynandananda ashrams have been held at the state capital, Kozhikode, and other cities, including Kochi, Kochi East and Kochi West.

In 2014, Kerala’s Supreme Court banned the construction of a Niyana ashram in the city.

However, the ruling party government allowed construction of ashrams in many other parts of the state, including the south, where Niyanas father had lived.

Niyanna ashrams are still regularly held in Kerala, with thousands of people attending each one.

The state government has been keen on hosting ashrams, despite the court ruling.

On Monday, it announced plans to hold more Niyannas ashrams over the next three years.