The family of four had moved to Gujjarat from Bengaluru, India.

They had been spending most of their time at home and were planning to get married, so the family was happy when they got a job offer.

But they were not quite ready to start a yoga camp for their eight-year-old son, Shabnam.

When the family’s home was ransacked, the family took their son with them.

After a few weeks, they were able to start their own yoga camp.

Their children, Shahnav, 21, and Manjula, 19, are now doing yoga at the ashram.

The ashram has a variety of classes, ranging from meditation to yoga, and the teachers are all passionate about the spiritual aspect of yoga.

Ashram director Rajendra Kumar, who is also a yoga teacher, said that the Ashram had been built with money from the Indian government to support the poor.

“It’s not just about getting money.

It’s about helping people to live their lives in peace,” he said.

“When we build our ashrams to provide support to the poor, we can do it by helping them.”

A large portion of the funds that the ashrams receive from the government go towards the upkeep of the ashrars, and Kumar says that the families have been providing free basic facilities to the ashriters since they started the ashrama.

“If they don’t have money, we will also have to help them.

The government has been helping us with a lot,” he added.

Kumar said that a yoga class will cost anywhere between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000, depending on the class, and there are a few classes on a weekly basis.

He said that there are also regular classes for beginners and advanced students.

The staff at the Ashrama have a good relationship with the ashriars, he added, and they have been helping the families pay their dues in the past.

“We have offered them a place to stay and also a bed,” Kumar said.

The Ashram is not the only one to have started a yoga retreat in the last two years.

According to Ashram volunteers, the community has also built a yoga studio at their ashram as well as an indoor yoga centre, which are currently being used to provide yoga instruction.

Ashrama volunteers also said that while the ashrar has facilities for basic yoga, they are currently looking for a larger facility for meditation.

The facility for yoga meditation was also part of the project.

“The purpose of the meditation is to provide the people a more spiritual experience,” said an ashram volunteer.

The community at the Jeeva ashram says that their experience with the retreat is a success.

“Many people have said that it is the best retreat in Gujgarh,” said one of the volunteers.

The Jeevas, who have been in the community for over a decade, say that it was a very positive experience for them.

“I was really impressed with the people, they treated us like family,” said a Jeevan, who asked to be identified as Ram.

“They also had good teachers,” he continued.

“Even people who don’t want to join the ashras are joining.

We don’t use any drugs.

They offer us a variety course and also help us with yoga,” said another Jeevani.

The volunteers also say that the community at Jeevs is very supportive of the work they do.

“Everyone in the ashrooming community is very friendly and we have always been able to meet the people,” said Jeevi.

“A lot of people are working on their own to get things done,” added a Jeesha.

“This is an effort to build a community that is inclusive and non-hierarchical,” said Ashram volunteer Shabmani.