A Muslim family in New England has used the courts of Sharia law to regain control of a court that once denied them an abortion.

Shivyoga Ashram Lucknow is a community centre in the small town of Ashcroft, New Hampshire, which was established in 2008 by the Ashcroft Family.

The centre is now one of the largest Islamic centres in New Hampshire.

Its founder, Imam Shafiq Ahmad, said he had no idea it would take such an extreme approach to Islamic law.

“I think that in general people don’t want to be influenced by a law that is not Islamic.”

In the US, it’s common for people to say, ‘Oh, I’ve never heard of sharia’, and I think we need to do something different here.

“The people here don’t like the idea that a law is a law, and that it is the law of God.”

This is a non-Islamic law that was imposed by God on the people of God, and it has not changed in a long time.

“But Mr Ahmad is a staunch supporter of the court and its interpretation of shari’ah.

He said: “This is not a court for sharia law, it is a court to protect the rights of all people, including women.”

The Ashcroft family are well known for their social media accounts and the publicity they generate, and they are also a popular target of hate crime.

Last year, a white supremacist group in Pennsylvania, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, used the account to post anti-Muslim hate flyers, and another group of neo-Nazis held a “White Lives Matter” rally at a community center in Ashcroft.

But for Mr Ahmad, the court’s actions were not motivated by religion.”

We have to protect our rights as Muslims, but it’s also important that we also have to be aware that in the world today, there are a lot of different religions,” he said.”

So we need our rights to be respected and respected in the way that we would like them to be.

“What is happening here in New York City, there’s a lot more hate against Muslims than there was back in the day.”

There’s a growing awareness that Muslims have more rights than they do Christians, that Jews have more freedoms than they have Christians.

“Sharia law is considered the guiding principle of Islamic law in many parts of the world.

But it has also been a cause of controversy in the US.

It was declared illegal in the United States in 2008, and in recent years there have been a number of cases where Muslims have sued over the court rulings.

Some Muslims have also sued over their rights to travel abroad, or to practice their religion in other countries.

The Ashbridge family say the courts have not done enough to protect their rights.”

It’s just been a matter of doing everything possible to preserve our rights, our freedoms, our civil liberties and our human rights,” Mr Ahmad said.

The group has now secured a restraining order against the court, which allows them to take control of the courts.

They have also sought to bring the case before the US Supreme Court.

They said they would not hesitate to file a lawsuit to challenge the decision of the Supreme Court, which they believe is discriminatory.”

Our intention is to have the case brought before the Supreme Courts,” Mr Shafiqa said.