Gautamas Buddha Ashram in Gautampuram in Kerala, India, is set to open its doors to devotees of Hindu deity Lord Shiva. 

It is the latest addition to the growing list of Gautams offerings. 

Gautama, the god of war and prosperity, is revered in Hinduism and the Gautas have been a prominent Hindu religious community in the area for centuries. 

“Gautam Buddha ashrams are not only a way to worship Lord Shiva, but also a spiritual space where people can find solace and peace,” Gautambar Das, Gautamarhavarayakam founder, said in a statement.

“The temple will have a special place where devotees can get the highest quality of food and spiritual support. 

The Gautames will also have a meeting place where they can gather and pray together, with the temple’s main temple hall.” 

He added that it would have a dedicated temple hall, and that the temple would have dedicated temple buildings. 

For Gautaman’s devotees, it will also be a place where people will pray and exchange blessings, and where the temple can host a special worship service on Sundays, said the founder.

“A lot of people come here and they pray at the temple and it is very special for them. 

We want to offer them the best in food and comfort.

We want to ensure they can also have good vibes and meet their friends,” Das added. 

His statement added that the Gannathavaram temple, which is currently in a state of disrepair, was not a temple of Gurdjieff, but a temple belonging to the Gansu dynasty.

“Gannathava has been a very special place for the devotees. 

Now we will make it a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva,” Das said. 

Lord Shiva, who is believed to have descended from a gandhi family, is the main god of Hinduism, the highest deity of Hindu worship. 

He is also revered in India, where his name is commonly written as Ganapati. 

During the festival of Ganga, Lord Shiva is said to have blessed his followers with water and seeds from his garden. 

In India, devotees are expected to give the Ganga to the Lord and make offerings to him, as the river Ganga is the spiritual fountain of Hindu faith. 

A temple is a place of worship, meditation and worship, where the deities can be worshipped. 

According to Gautalam’s website, the GANAPAL temple is scheduled to be constructed in 2017.