The father of Hariashram guru Haridwaryam Baba, who was known for his religious activities and was accused of being a Hindu extremist, has died.

He was 82.

Mr Baba was a devotee of a Hindu guru who died in an avalanche in the Indian state of Bihar in 2014, triggering a police crackdown.

He was cremated and buried in Haridwas ashram near Haridwa, a village near Haridspur, about 130km north of the capital, New Delhi.

His followers also worshipped his corpse in the area.

Hariashram, which stands for Haridwan Ashram, is a highly organised group of devotees who practice a mixture of tantric and traditional Hindu rites.

The name means ‘house of prayer’ in the language of many Haridshas devotees.

According to a recent article by the Times of India, Haridwalla, the father of Mr Baba’s late wife, Hari, had said: “There is nothing wrong with this man.

If he wanted to practise his religion, he could have gone to any other ashram.”

Haridwari Baba had reportedly been living in the same ashram for the last five years, according to the Times.

In 2010, he was convicted of inciting violence and fined $250,000.

In 2013, the Supreme Court sentenced him to three years in jail.

In an interview with the Times, Hariyam Babas father, Anjum Singh, said that he did not want to go to Haridwatam, but to the Haridurga Ashram in New Delhi, where the death of his late wife took place.

The court had also sentenced him for his role in a mass arson attack on a Hindu temple in Bihar in 2013, in which hundreds of people were killed.

Mr Singh, however, was later released on bail.

“I am happy that we are not alone in being left behind by this toxic and dangerous religion,” Mr Singh told the Times on Monday.

“My wife and I had not wanted to go there.

It is not a safe place.

Haridwidars followers do not have a home.

We do not need a home in Hariharanam.”

Mr Babas ashram has been closed for more than three decades, according a spokesperson for the Hariarshram Trust.

Haridwar is home to the holiest shrine in India, the Babri Masjid.

The main road to Hariharam, the main site of the shrine, is closed due to a raging flood in 2014.

The temple is also known for its activities of tantra, yoga and meditation.

According to the latest statistics, the temple had around 5,500 devotees and its followers are estimated to be about 20 per cent of the total population of Hariharans population of about 13,000, according the local administration.

Hariasharam is known for the large number of followers of the guru who is known as Hariya Samaj.

The leader of Harishwara Hariyanam, Harishwar Baba died on Sunday, after suffering from cancer for over 40 years, his son said in a statement.

“Our father Hariishwam Bab was a very brave man.

He left a legacy of loving devotion and caring for others.

His love for life and devotion to his faith made him a powerful leader in Harishwas ashrama.

He has left us a lasting legacy of peace and prosperity,” his son, Dhananjay, said.

According a report by the Hindu, Haris guru Baba left his home in Bihar to go into the ashram to worship at the temple in Harispur, an area around 10km away.

According the report, Harijas followers are now scattered across the country.