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How to start a volunteer ashram in India

If you want to start your own ashram and you’re not a resident of India, you should start a one-stop shop: Go to the ashram’s website and ask them to contact you, and ask if they can provide you with a place to stay.It’s not too difficult to get the answer from a volunteer.The ashram […]

How to build a yoga studio in Delhi

If you are planning to get started with yoga, then you might be tempted to skip out on some basic steps, like choosing a venue and equipment, booking the right classes, and paying a few bucks a month.But this can be a big mistake, as you might end up having to pay a lot more […]

How to find the best yoga ashrams in India

The most sought after yoga ashrama in India is one of the most expensive.The one that has the most options for people wanting to go there for the first time is called the Ayurveda Ashram. The Ashram has over 3,000 yoga students.But it is a private institution and the number of students is very limited.Many of […]

The ashram stays at a luxury resort

Stay at a new luxury resort at the top of the list?Ashram at the end of the hill at Kachibadham in Kachirajpur district of Uttar Pradesh.The ashrama at Kochrab Ashram in Karunadha district of the state is a private residence and was built with money from a fund to fund the ashram at a cost […]