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Why Tennessee’s ashram is worth $50M (and more)

Varkala Ashram in Tempe, Arizona, is a place for kids and families to enjoy yoga, yoga classes, meditation, and meditation studios, among other things.For $50 million, the Ashram built a $40 million building and added over 300 beds to the facility.The facility has also added a second floor of meditation and yoga studios, as well […]

How to find a ashram in Rajasthan – AP

Ramesh Khatri has lived in Rameshaswamy, a small village in Rajsheswam district for the past five years.But the village has been under attack from the Maoists for years.He was the village head and was targeted by them for being a member of the local militia.“They were using the village as a base,” he says.“We did […]

What is a mahant and what is it worth?

By Ramashankar DasThe last week of June marked the end of a two-year period when Ramashanksi ashrama, an annual celebration of the Hindu god Vishnu, became the most watched and most watched event in the country.The event began on July 10 with a concert by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and a performance by the Mahant […]