CHICAGO — Chip chop is the name of the newest yoga class at a yoga college in Chicago. 

The Chip Chop Yoga in Chicago is a five-day class that begins Saturday and runs through May 6. 

The classes are open to women ages 15 and up, and the first class will be held Saturday. 

The first class, which will be a five day, five night, five day retreat, will be hosted by San Francisco yoga guru Darshan Menon and his wife, Chick, in the newly renovated Chip Chop ashram in Chicago’s Midway neighborhood. 

Chip Chop will offer three yoga classes per week, starting May 1, and the classes will be open to everyone. 

Darshan said Chip Chop’s goal is to offer a “very simple but deep approach” to yoga and will not only help women find their own yoga style, but to also help men. 

“This is something that is really unique in the world,” Darshar Menon said. 

A recent survey found that one in three women in America say they have tried yoga at some point in their lives, according to the website 

Women ages 40 to 54 are the most likely to try yoga. 

Chop is the first new yoga college to open in Chicago since an old ashram was closed in 2010.

Darshar said the Ashram will be “the biggest of its kind in the country.” 

The Ashram has three yoga studios in the Ashrama building, located at 528 N. Milwaukee Ave.

in the Midway area. 

While the Ashrams are new, they have been a fixture in the city for decades. 

In 2012, Chip Chop opened the first women’s ashram on the West Side of Chicago.

Chip Chop opened two other women’s retreats in the past few years. 

This past spring, Chip Chow opened its first women-only yoga studio, which was located in the basement of the New World Yoga Center, located just a block away from the Ashrame.

The Chip Chop yoga retreats also are owned and operated by the Ashima Group. 

According to the Chip Chop website, Chip is “dedicated to creating a community of people who share the same passion for health and well-being.” 

Dharma Yoga, the largest yoga college and the only one in the U.S. to offer yoga at a large college campus, is the third yoga college on Chicago’s West Side, behind Chip Chop and the Ashma Group.