A former classmate of Bollywood actor Amitabhan Bachchan has said that the actor’s mother abused her as a child at a time when she was a child. 

Sarana Saini, who is also known as the author of the book The Sainiyas Daughter, told the Indian Express newspaper that her father, a school teacher in the city of Lucknow, frequently beat her. 

“I was abused at the school as a young child,” she said. 

The author said she was also teased by her mother, who beat her in front of her and her friends, who were not her classmates. 

She added that her mother’s behaviour toward her also affected her relationship with her family. 

Bachchan was born in 1980, and his parents divorced when he was eight. 

He attended his first private school in Lucknow and later moved to Mumbai, where he became the youngest actor to win the Best Actor award in 1993. 

After moving to New York in 1996, he began working with American producer Michael Ovitz. 

In 2013, he was awarded a BAFTA for his performance as an Indian agent in The King of Kings. 

Last year, Bachchan won an Oscar for his role as a detective in HBO’s The King’s Speech. 

Earlier this year, he also won an Emmy for his portrayal of a drug dealer in the TV series The Americans.